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i'm pregnant, now what?

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

you've peed in a cup or on the magical stick and saw two little pink lines. maybe you're completely in shock or dismay. maybe you are overjoyed or relieved that it's finally happened. no matter where you find yourself in this whole HUGE scenario, you have some next steps.

1. schedule an appointment. you should see a provider. if you don't have one just ask around or do a little online search. read some reviews. feel free to try out multiple offices or providers. you aren't obligated at any point of your care to stay with a provider if you feel your care doesn't suit your needs or preferences. some key things to keep in mind are:

  • location- are they conveniently located for you?

  • style of practice (group or individual): are there multiple providers in one office or is it a single provider?

  • do they accept your healthcare coverage?

  • if interested, do you have the option of seeing midwives, nurse practitioners or OB-GYN?

* if your pregnancy was unexpected or undesired seek counsel. there are safe and confidential resources available to you. your healthcare provider might be a good place to start.

2. do I want a doula to attend my birth? many women decide to hire a doula to assist in their labor and birth process. doulas aim to provide and safer, faser, and more enjoyable birth experience. they offer emotional, physical, and informational support to mom and her support team. they can be as hands on or off as you desire them to be. meet a few. most doulas are willing to meet with you, free of charge, in order for you to interview and get to know them a little better as well as ask any questions you might have.

3.look into taking some classes. there are tons of styles of classes for women and families who are expecting. They are offered by a variety of sources such as, hospitals, birth centers and doctors offices. they are available for every stage from pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum into parenting.

4. Get good nutrition and rest. drink plenty of water. sleep and rest when you need it, your body will let you know! do some light, provider approved, exercise. this applies to the rest of your pregnancy. there are countless benefits to being mindful of your health, especially during pregnancy. your provider or your doula can give you some great suggestions.

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