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We are excited to support, educate and come alongside you and your family as you journey through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

birth doula

From pregnancy through birth, your doula will support you and empower you through one of the biggest transitions of your life.  Upon hiring us, we will be available via text, phone or email to listen and help answer all the questions!  Through prenatal visits, we want to become part of your team, your tribe.  Our hope is to form a strong connection with you and your partner, we will become a birth-team unique to you and your goals and desires.  After your 37th week of pregnancy, we will be ready for the arrival of your baby and will meet you at your home, hospital or birth center.  Your doula cannot wait to cheer you on, support your partner and be at your side throughout your birth journey.  The goal of Denver Born is that you and your partner feel confident, heard and celebrated throughout your birth.  If you wish, we'd be happy to help with those first feedings and then will leave you tucked in, getting to know your baby and counting all of their perfect toes and fingers.  After you've settled at home, we will pop over to check in on you and your new babe.  We can address any questions you have, revisit your birth story and help you process this significant event.  

Birth Doula Package: $1,800

* Please don't let price stop you from using our services.  Contact us to learn more


postpartum support

**At this time we are only offering postpartum services to birth doula clients.  Please reach out with any questions. 

Bringing home a baby or babies is a big deal!  They are tiny and mighty and so adorably cute.  Denver Born doulas offer a variety of packages to meet your family's needs.  Whether you just need a couple hours during the first week or two to start a healthy breastfeeding routine or you need a weekend's worth of overnight support to get some much needed sleep, we are here for you.  A typical shift may include: making a warm + nourishing meal for mama and the whole family, washing bottles/pump parts, caring for baby while mom and dad take a nap or while mama gets a shower, folding laundry (those baby socks can get out of control) and doing some light housework.  Our main goal is to help make this new transition easier, you are doing a great job already and we love to cheer you on.

Pricing: $40-50/hour (depending on daytime or overnight shifts)

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childbirth + breast/chest feeding education

Whether you are a first time family or you just want to brush up on all things birth we have classes available for you.  We offer everything from "crash or refresh" courses to fully customized signaturecourses in childbirth and breast/chest feeding.  We would love to offer this as a stand alone service or part of a birth package. Just let us know what your needs are. We want you to feel as prepared for this significant and precious transition as possible.    

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meal prep services + parties

In order to take care of baby, mamas and their families need nourishing, healthy and available food and the support of their community.  We love organizing meal-prep parties for expecting mamas and their friends/family.  Let us take care of all of the recipes and organization so you can fill your freezer full of yummy meals.  

We also know sometimes it's difficult to find time to prep meals for yourself when your baby has arrived.  Our doulas will come to your home to prep meals for you and your family while you focus on snuggling and resting.  

**Meal prep services and parties are great/practical gifts for both expecting moms and moms with new babes!

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