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Denver Born Mentorship
Doulas + Program

Denver Born has come alongside doulas who are kicking off their doula careers.  Our goals are to be mentors to these woman as they enter the birth world, share resources and helpful trainings, provide tools and in person training to carry with them into the birth space and build community with our fellow birth workers! All of our mentee doulas are fully certified doulas.  Please feel free to reach out directly to them or inquire through our "contact us" page.  


Eva Lewis

Certified Birth Doula, Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts

Families and babies have captivated me ever since I was young. I remember feeling the excitement when I was finally old enough to babysit! In high school, I attended a neighbor’s home birth and was enthralled with the beautiful and joy-filled atmosphere as a new life was

born. This led into the desire to be in the midst of families ALWAYS!!! By the time I attended college, there was one persistent focus of my heart: to serve couples as they began or expanded their families. So, as my senior practicum, I spent the year obtaining certification as a

professional birth doula. From my perspective, pregnancy and birth can be one of the most rewarding, redeeming, and blessed experiences of our lives! It is a joy to be a part of it.

When I am not attending births and obsessing over birth podcasts, books, and videos, you might find me swing dancing in the kitchen, exploring the outdoors, putting balsamic vinegar on anything edible, playing violin, listening to music, and reading good books (especially classics!) I wholeheartedly believe that life is an incredible gift from God, and I am thrilled to assist families as they welcome new life into their home.

**Doulas in our mentorship program create their own pricing for birth services.  These prices are not necessarily reflected on our website


We are passionate about partnering with doulas who are beginning their own journeys out in the birth world.  Our mentorship program offers several 1 on 1 training/goal setting conversations with our founding doulas, access to client referrals, opportunities to network with local doulas, access to branding and contracts, Denver Born - made resources.  All doulas in the mentorship program must hold a current and valid certification and have attended births as a doula.

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