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childbirth + breastfeeding education

our signature childbirth course offers an extensive look at pre-labor all the way through postpartum. This includes:

  • the final stretch of pregnancy, early signs of labor and how to recognize active labor

  • labor and delivery topics such as your birth plan, the progression of labor, comfort measures + pain management, atmosphere, induction methods + interventions and postpartum care

  • the physiology + psychology of birth and how you can use it to your advantage

  • breastfeeding overview 

 the length of this class is approx. 3-4 hours and is usually done in 2 sessions. this class is often taught in a group setting $160

we offer refresher courses for parents who want to brush up on their childbirth education. 

  • refresher course (1 time 2 hr course) $80

We also offer these courses a la carte:  

  • prenatal course $90

  • Breast/Chest Feeding Basics course $90

  • one on one personalized labor and delivery course (two weeks, three hours per week) $270 (we work through and get hands on practice with your own personalized birth plan in addition to the signature course topics)

full access to all Denver Born learning materials included! the cost of our courses covers the attendance of pregnant parents and their support person. 

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