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a doula group

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welcome to denver born

We are a group of mama-friends who happen to love all things birth.  As we began to dream about this career we quickly recognized that our heart is to empower individuals and families to feel strong and successful.  We have no agenda and we enter your story with no expectation.  We simply hope to bring some knowledge and guidance to the table.  We are your champions and advocates.  We are beyond honored to bring emotional support and encouragement to you and your precious family.

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do i need a doula?

You are the only one who can birth your baby, but we will be with you the whole time.  A doula is a trained guide and support to the birthingparent and their family.  We will draw from our knowledge and experience to encourage and advise you during your prenatal journey and birth.  Families can benefit from a doula whether they are giving birth in a hospital, at home or in a birth center.  Many studies and trials have found that parents who have a doula experience shorter birth/labor time, lower cesarean rates, less interventions and overall better birth experiences.  Doulas never replace your partner, instead we add to their support and help them assist you.  Doulas will advocate for you and make sure you have the information you need to make decisions around you and your baby.

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what does a doula do?

before baby is here...

  • Doulas will meet with you and your partner 2-3 times to get to know you and learn about your vision for your birth

  • Doulas will educate you and share our resources regarding: birth preferences, prenatal nutrition and exercise, pregnancy health, labor comfort measures and positions

  • We will be on-call for you 24/7 from 38 weeks of pregnancy until birth.  We are available for any questions you may have or just a listening ear if you need one

during labor + birth...

  • We will offer continuous physical and emotional support to you and your partner.  We will meet you at your house or the hospital (your preference) when you are ready for us to come

  • Doulas will suggest different positions, comfort measures and other ideas to help your labor progress and make you comfortable

  • We will support your partner to make sure they are coping well (eating and drinking) and can advise them of different ways to care for you

  • We will keep the room calm and encouraging, advocating for you and helping you navigate decisions and options through your journey

  • If you'd like, we will physically support you with massage, hip squeezes + pressure points

  • We may be able to snap a couple pictures of you

  • We will help protect your "golden hour" as much as possible and can help with your first latch and skin to skin time

after baby is here...

  • We will stay with you and your family immediately after birth for a couple hours to make sure you're taken care of and are feeling good.

  • Our doulas will check in with you a day or two after you birth to see how everyone is settling in

  • We will visit you at your home about a week after baby's arrival to go over your birth, help process any questions or feelings and remind you that you're an awesome mama!

  • Doulas can support you throughout your breastfeeding journey

  • If needed, we will connect you to any resources you might be in need of whether it be for your baby or for yourself as a new mom

  • Postpartum doulas will support you through your transition into motherhood by supporting you, building your confidence, bringing over meals and just making sure you are getting sleep and taking care of yourself


Hiring Katie was one of the best things I did for my birth experience. I credit her support for having my successful home VBAC! My husband is great support, but I knew I needed an experienced helper with me who was very calm, knowledgeable, experienced and supported me 100% in whatever decisions I made. Katie was all those things for me! She believed in me, maybe even more than I did :) She helped during pregnancy as I made decisions about my birth place and during labor hes helped me with positions I could try for comfort and to help baby’s position. My labor was long, I labored one night for 10+ hours, then it all stalled for the day, and picked back up the next evening. So I needed Katie to come twice, and even with the long drive to my home, she was happy to come both times we called her. You can tell birth excites her and makes her come alive, I just love that about her! She even wrote out my birth story, written as a letter to my daughter, and it is a gift we will always treasure!


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