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meal prep services + parties

Prep Services Include:

  • One of our doulas will come to your home to prep in your own kitchen. 

  • We can provide you recipes to choose from that are specifically tailored for your postpartum period or make meals from recipes that you provide

  • Lactation support meals/snacks available

  • Doulas will provide a grocery list for you prior to home visit and fill your fridge/freezer with readily available meals

Meal Prep Parties Include:

  • All recipes/labels/printed instructions provided for all participants in your party

  • Doulas will email guests and organize your party for you (instructing your guests what ingredients to bring and what to expect at the party)

  • Doulas will attend and help host the meal-prep portion of your party, leaving you and your friends with freezers full of yummy meals

  • Great addition to baby-showers!!!!

Chopping Vegetables
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