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know your "why".

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

"i want an unmedicated, natural birth."

"give me the epidural when i get in those doors."

"i want a c-section just like i had with my last baby."

do you know why you want the birth that you are planning for, dreaming of, envisioning and learning about? what if you gave yourself a chance to dive deeply into your mind and heart to set an intention for your birth?

as doulas, we get to dream and plan right alongside you for the birth you desire the most. we get to talk about the details, game plan for the best ways to prepare and envision the way you will welcome your baby into the world. there isn't a "right-way" to birth (that would just be boring) but, when you know the why behind your dream-birth you'll uncover a lot of things about yourself and could set yourself up for an incredible birth story.

before jumping into preparing for your birth ask yourself some questions...

∙what do i want the most out of my birth?

∙how do i envision my birth? quiet/excited? dark/full of light? lots of people/just a few?

∙how do i dream of meeting my baby?

∙what am i afraid of or nervous of? why? do i just need more information?

∙how does my partner envision our birth? what kind of role do they want to play?

∙what are my biggest strengths? when do i feel beautiful/known?

∙what happens if my birth doesn't look the way i've envisioned it?

birth isn't something that just happens to you. you play a huge role in it, no matter how it looks. your dreams and goals are a great platform to dive into the reasons you want a particular birth. often, if you can figure out the deeper reasons behind the kind of birth you are striving for, you'll work harder to get it and your mindset will be more focused and prepared to meeting the challenges that come with birth.

if you know why you want a certain kind of birth, you'll also be more prepared if your birth doesn't go the way you were hoping. you'll know that your journey is flexible and that you didn't just "end-up" with a certain birth story, but you participated. you prepared and you were part of your journey.

taking time to intentionally dream about your birth creates space to look into more options, research a little more thoroughly and chat with your partner about goals and fears that you may not have known were there. maybe you can plan a coffee date (or two) with yourself and go on a research scavenger hunt, maybe you listen to birth story after birth story or maybe your "why" will evolve after months of good conversation with your people and your partner. make this time a priority for you no matter what that process looks like. looking deeper and defining your "why" will pay off during your birth. the confidence in your decisions, your partner, your body and your baby will not be lacking.

what were some of the ways you first started preparing for your birth? did your expectations and goals change throughout pregnancy?

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